He Likes To Be...Under The Sea

Erik: Deep Sea Explorer.

I'm really loving doing these little illustrations of our little guy. It takes so little effort on both of our parts, and he loves when I lay him down on the sheet and we make faces at each other while he has his photo taken. Then when he goes down for his long midday nap, I get to do my version of 'relaxing'....to whit: drawing.

So, now that I am for the most part, completely busy with being a mum and not being able to do much in regards to my online shops or making general designs and illustrations, I can still get to explore the artist side of me most days, if only for a few minutes (or at best hours)

One of the most fun parts is actually going through the pictures we take (sometimes up to 100) to find one that has the perfect expression, or body positioning. Weirdly, for this one, it was the first I took in a series of about 60. He was looking at something on the TV and thought is was very amusing.

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