Illustration Friday: ONOMATOPOEIA

This weeks topic at Illustration Friday is Onomatopoeia, and since that is a word that I have loved saying since I first heard it when I was little, I decided to try and find the time whilst taking care of the baby viking to upload a submission for the theme.

I was lucky again in that I already had a design that popped to mind when I saw the theme. "Giggly Ghost" is my go to. Not just because of the onomatopoeia of the word 'giggle', but also because of the classic ghostly refrain of "Boo!".

I reworked the image slightly to suit the theme, but the original design and indeed range of products can be found here.

 photo imgclicktag1.png

You can purchase this design on a great range of products at

 photo zazzlenew.png

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
*You may share the work, but you must attribute this work to me and link to the product/post, and/or to my blog Lee Lee and the Bee
*You MAY NOT use this work for ANY commercial purposes excluding earning affiliate commissions (where applicable) through linking back to a product offered on selected websites with affiliate programs.
*You MAY NOT alter, transform or build upon any part of this work, unless customizing a product prior to purchase on any of the websites where this design/work is offered for sale.
*To contact the artist regarding purchasing exclusive rights to this image/design, or for more information, please use the contact form at my blog Lee Lee and the Bee

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